Airline Professional Pilot Program

Become a professional commercial pilot

Airline Inspired, people Oriented.
96% of our students have first time passing rates through each license.

Amongst the Highest Passing Rate at KHWO

At Everglades, we teach you the right way, we don’t take shortcuts.
We believe that our quality of training is reflected in our high passing rate.

One-on-One Training

Classrooms designed for one-on-one training, 141 training alike Courses

Full Motion Simulator

Training with RedBird MCX full motion simulator

Student Phase

Full orientation of the airline professional pilot career, we offer the best training to prepare you to be a safe pilot over everything else.

Instructor Phase

Get your first pilot job as a Flight Instructor with us and complete yout flight hours

From zero to hero for just $83,265.00

At Everglades Aviation Academy, we strive to provide the best training possible to provide America’s next aviators

The Aviation industry has been growing in the last decades, and we want to be part of the process for you to achieve the goal of becoming an airline commercial pilot. We pride ourselves on our quality of training and how we specialize in you. We prepare you for the big leagues, investing in airplanes with the latest technology available for avionics, and a team of highly experienced instructors who have helped countless students achieve their aviation goals, with many going on to successful careers in the industry.

  • Classrooms designed for one-on-one training following a Part 141 guideline.
  • Training with FAA certified full motion Redbird MCX Sim.
  • Student Flight Training Curriculum, from Private to Commercial Pilot
  • Everglades transition to CFI/CFII

Know what you need to become an Airline Pilot


Minimum age - Restricted ATP 21 years old

You can begin your journey as early as 16 years old, expanding knowledge and flight time, while preparing to transition into the airline industry.


Enroll in our full-time program and prepare to take off in the aviation industry. Complete the necessary training required to serve as the Pilot-in-command.

1500 = flight hours

Join our team and get your first Pilot job as a Flight Instructor at Everglades Aviation Academy accruing flight time to complete the minimum flight hours required.

Student Phase (Student Plan)

Sporty’s Pilot Courses are used for Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot License training. Each course is divided into phases with ground and flight training included. Students will be able to prepare for ground and flight lessons for better performance.

1. Private Pilot License

40-60 Hrs Flight Time
Private Pilot License is a certification that allows the individual to operate an aircraft for personal, non-commercial purposes.

2. Instrument Rating

50-60 Hrs Flight Time

An Instrument Rating involves additional training beyond a Private Pilot License (PPL) and typically includes extensive ground school instruction and flight training. During the training, pilots learn how to use various instruments and navigation aids, such as radio navigation systems and global positioning system (GPS), to fly an aircraft safely and accurately.

3. Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land

20 Hrs Flight Time
A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a certification that allows a pilot to operate an aircraft for compensation or hire. In other words, a CPL enables a pilot to work as a professional pilot, such as a charter pilot, corporate pilot, or airline pilot.

4. Commercial Pilot Multi Engine

20 Hrs Flight Time

CPL-ME certification is a rating that allows a pilot to operate multi-engine aircraft for compensation or hire. This certification is an add-on to the Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

5. Certified Flight Instructor

15 Hrs Flight Time

A CFI is a highly trained and qualified individual who is authorized to provide flight training to pilots seeking to obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), or other advanced ratings and certifications.

Instructor Phase Get your first job

Join our team and become a flight instructor, strengthen your knowledge sharing what you’ve learned with new passionate pilot students, complete the minimum ATP flight hours required, and gain the experience and confidence sought out by major airlines.

Airline Professional Pilot Program financing / Student Loans

We have partnered with Meritize and Stratus to provide our students with financing options to fund your education.

Student Pilot Accomplishments

These are our America’s next aviators generation, preparing for the big leagues


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Training time caries based on student’s commitment; average time is around 9 months as a full-time student for a Commercial License

Piper Warrior and Piper Archer

Professional Pilot Program with 6 licenses (PPL, IR, Share Time Building, CPL-SE, CPL-ME ADD, CFI, CFII) $83,265.00 – Airplane rental prices might vary depending on daily Fuel Price

Yes, the program fee provided covers tuition and material, additional fee applies for Check ride, written, headset, iPad, foreflight subscription and medical.
Airline Pilot Cargo Pilot Charter/Air Taxi Pilot Corporate or Business Aviation Pilot Flight Instructor Agricultural Pilot
Everglades Aviation Academy business hours are Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm – classes are scheduled upon student and instructor availability agreement within the school business hours.

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