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Time Building for Commercial License

Time Building for Commercial License

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3 months

Full time student around 3 months

80-100 Hrs

Flight Time


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Which will be your goals in this study

Cada uno de nuestros entrenamientos, seran one to one

For admission you need:
Be at least 17 years old to receive your private pilot certificate.
Obtain a medical certificate.
Perform basic math: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
Submit your application, and pay your $35 non-refundable fee to process your PFS.
After submitting your PFS, access the “Documents” section and upload additional documents we require here.

Airline Professional Pilot Program financing / Student Loans

We have partnered with Meritize and Stratus to provide our students with financing options to fund your education.

Student Pilot Accomplishments

These are our America’s next aviators generation, preparing for the big leagues

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Financial aid scholarships are awarded through the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of the Academy and are guaranteed through endowed scholarship funds.